What we'll see & do in Burundi?



1st - 15th March 2007


(See full proposal)

During our visit in Burundi, we may have the opportunity to visit various projects implemented by humanitarian organizations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres, Action Contre la Faim, Cordaid, Catholic Relief Services, ICRC, UNHCR, or GVC. Humanitarian activities in Burundi are carried on throughout sectors, including food aid and nutrition, healthcare, protection of refugees or water and sanitation.

More specifically, we are aiming at visiting some of the bellow listed projects of various humanitarian NGOs and international organizations:

MSF Belgique
support of a hospital in Buhiga in the province of Karuzi

MSF Holland
support of the hospital of Kininya in theprovince of Ruyigi

provision of shelters for returnees in the province of Makamba and Rutana

Caritas Belgique
cash-for-work project in the province of Gitega, Muramwya and Muyinga

water and sanitation project in the province of Cankuzo,

development project in a hospital in Bubanza or in health centres in the province of Makamba

refugee sites in Gasorwe/Mugano (Muyinga province) and Mbuye and Gihinga (Mwaro),
refugee transit camps in Mabanda (province of Makamba), Gisuru (Ruyigi) or Mugano (Muyinga)

Food for Work programme - food distribution at various sites

activities in Buye (province of Ngozi)

cash-for-work project of in the Province of Kirundo

Emergency Agricultural Support to Vulnerable Persons in Kirundo
therapeutic nutritional center in Gatumba

Musasa Site Pumping System for Rwandan Asylum Seekers (province of Ngozi)

In addition, it would be very interesting to have a possibility to visit offices of other humanitarian and development actors such as OCHA, FAO, UNICEF or BINUB in order to gain an insight into coordination mechanisms of respective activities.

Other projects of our interest
(some of them proposed by the EC Delegation in Burundi)

Theatre play «Les Hutsis » performed by a group Pili-Pili directed by Patrice FAYE as well as Patrice's project targetting Batwa minority (Pigmies).

ICRC - activities in the water & sanitation sector in Gatumba, promotion of IHL in cooperation with Universities, local authorities etc.

ACTEC Belgique
Ecole Technique Secondaire de Kiryama
Report of activities 2003-04
Local partner NGO: COPED

Studio Ijambo
(a project of SFCG - Search for Common Ground)
More information about Studio Ijambo/ other projects of SFCG in Burundi

Projects of the Italian NGO VIS

La Maison Shalom
in Ruyigi & Oasis de la Paix in Gisuru
Read more about Marguerite Barankitse, the founder of La Maison Shalom

Activities of Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS)

The Duhindikibiri women project in Ruvumu village